Experiencing Bunk Bed Hotel for the first time

Hi there,

Today’s post will telling you (in case there is anyone read this blog) about my experience when I stayed at Bunk Bed Hotel for a couple of days when I was in Yogyakarta, Central Java.

So, after I bought one way train ticket to Yogyakarta, I asked my friend, Ade, straight through Whatsapp about the name of the hotel she stayed in when she was there. I was browsing it a bit to get the information about the lodging. Then after I read all of the information, I made a phone call to the hotel to make a reservation.

The reason why I chose for myself to stay with female stranger at the same room. It is because I have always curious to try such new thing, beside the price is affordable–its only IDR 95k for one night include breakfast, FYI.

The hotel I have booked designed for backpakers who need a place to have some rest after exploring the city and to put their belongings while they are away. So do not expect that this hotel has a sea or forest view from the bedroom. The hotel itself consist:
  • 1 living room, include: 1 tv, 1 fan, 2 benches and 1 coffee table
  • 1 reading area placed right beside the receptionist
  • 1 outside bathroom
  • 2 outside toilets
  • 4 bedrooms (for female and male). Each room has 4 bunk beds with reading lamp, 1 locker for each guest, 1 bathroom—but do not expect they provide hot water, and an AC. If the room are full of guests, then you will stay with 7 different people that come from different country. Isn’t it sounds cool?
  • 1 long table and 1 bench right beside the living room. They will put the fruits, breads and some butters for breakfast
  • 1 empty room with no door next to the kitchen for people who want to have some chit-chat on the phone
  • 1 kitchen—the concept of this hotel is self-service, so you can have extra coffee, tea and water in here for free
  • 1 toaster
  • 1 small refrigerator and,
  • free wifi access.

I arrived at hotel around 8 PM that night to chcek-in and put my travel bag. The receptionist gave me three keys; 1 front door key, in case I return back to the lodging late; 1 bedroom door, in case the other guest already locked the door before I com; 1 locker key to put all my belongings. When I was in the room, a girl approached me and says, “waw, its beautiful..”. I was guessing that she gave me compliment about my appearance, hehe, but then I turned my head to her and realized that the beautiful thing she meant was the flower printed cardigan I worn that night. But I thanked her anyway, just trying to be nice with foreign people.

After buying a train ticket back to Jakarta, my brother and I didn’t go back straight to the lodging, but we went to Malioboro street to find Wedang Ronde that I was craving for. Wedang Ronde–Ronde abbriviated of ’round’, is a traditional beverage of Java native herbs. Wedang in Javanese means drink, while Ronde is a special batter consisting of a mixture of rice flour and brown sugar shaped dots and the inside contains crushed peanuts. To form Wedang Ronde, dipped in ronde doughs with warm water that made from ginger.

After that, my brother brought me back to the lodging, it took only approximately 15 minutes from Malioboro street. By the time I arrived at the lodging, I was sitting at the living room for awhile to check my phone and informed my Mum. The receptionist has already left and all guests were sleeping.

On the first day, I’ve got upside-bed and I made a noise by accident when I climbed the stairs of the bed. But I thanked God that nobody disturbed by the noise I’ve made. I couldn’t sleep straight at the moment, then I continued checking my social media until I manage to fall asleep. I think it was around 3 AM, a girl woke up to go to the toilet, then another girl woke up at the same time, they made some noices by accident and awaken the other girl. She was disturbed by the noise. She said, “Hey! Its still 3 AM in the morning, bla blaa bla!!!”. I was about to laugh but I couldn’t open my eyes. I mean, this is an example if we stay in a bunk bed hotel.

The next day, I woke up early in the morning. Then after washing my face and brushing my teeth, I went to have breakfast straight while reading news to keep in touch with current affairs. I made a cup of warm tea, I had breads too and two slices of watermelon. I saw a few guests in m bedroom was already checked out, and only two girls left, a white girl from Poland and I. I asked the receptionist to swap my bed to the bottom side.

After I took a shower, I lied down myself while waiting for my brother to pick me up, then the Poland girl greets me and asks my name. We had some chit-chat, introducing ourselves, sharing our destination why we came to Yogya and the plan after Yogya, etc. Her next destination was Bali. I was promoting some beaches from my hometown, but he’s just nodding. I think she has no idea about my hometown. Haha!

That’s the story about my experience when I stayed at the bunk bed hotel for couple of days. There are some pictures below that I tool from the internet of how the Bunk Bed and Breakfast hotel in Yogyakarta looks like from the outside. But, don’t expect too high. 😀

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Joanna with her stuff.

Short escape to Yogyakarta

Last month, Mum has informed me that she and my Dad could not manage to attend my brother’s graduation day in Yogyakarta because they cannot leave my grandma who needs to be taken care of, then she asks me to go. I agreed. It has been a long time since the last time I visited Yogyakarta in 2009. The graduation day carried out on 25th August 2016. I have bought the train ticket two weeks earlier before departure, because the price is cheaper than we buy it on the spot. Unfortunately the economy class were sold out, so I bought Taksaka Malam for IDR 290k for executive class. Purchasing ticket way too simple nowadays. When you need a ticket to go somewhere, you can order it online or contacting the travel agent by the phone. I made a call to PT KAI (Kereta Api Indonesia) to order one way ticket. To order ticket, the customer service need our personal identity as the requirement to process the ticket. After that, they will give you the booking code and limited time to pay. Just as simple as it is.

I’d prefer to use train rather than plane because simply I hate flying. Hahaha..

Up: Gambir (Jakarta) to Tugu station (Yogyakarta) | Down: Lempuyangan (Yogyakarta) to Pasar Senen (Jakarta)

Day 1

By the time I arrived early in the morning–it was around 4.20 am, my brother picked me up at Tugu station. I did not take some pictures of it because we were in a hurry and he needed to get ready and preparing stuff before the graduation ceremony begun. He dropped me off at my friend’s home, Kiki. Kiki is one of my best friend since we were in high school. She is married to a Javanese guy and has a three weeks old son names Russel. She named his son as it based on a little lad names Russel in UP the movie. She wish that her son will be like Russel in the future. A strong and healthy little guy.

Hasna–my brother’s girlfriend picked me up at 7 am sharp. It was not only my brother who will graduated that day, but also my cousin who finished his study for D4–the same accomplishment as bachelor degrees, and his parents were coming too. The opening ceremony began at 8.30 am sharp. It took two hours and more for ceremonial of the cadets, the opening speech, the pledge of the cadets and speech of the Agrarian Minister that made all of us almost fell asleep. My brother got surprised when he saw Hasna were coming too. After we took some pictures, we went to get some food for lunch.

Day 2

The next day which I have to check-in at the hotel I have booked, my brother couldn’t manage to pick me up due to there was an event he had to handle, so I have spent the whole day at Kiki’s home. Kiki and I were talking about many things and reminiscing about the moment we have spent together when we were in high school–while she carries her baby to feed him all the time. There are a lot of things you have to do when you become a Mother e.g. feeding the baby, change the baby’s diaper, to bathe the baby and another baby stuff that make you got lack of sleep at night which will makes you look like a zombie in the following day. I’m amazed that she is a mother now.

Three weeks old baby Russel

My brother managed to pick me up in the evening, and I had to thankful and farewell to Kiki and her family. My brother brought me to attend a semi formal farewell dinner which managed by the cadets themselves. The even itself was intended to receive their families that came from their hometwon. My brother took a part as the leader of this event and he nailed it. After that, he accompaied me to looking for the train ticket at the station, so I could strolling over the city without any worries on the next day.

Day 3

Before I came to Yogyakarta, I have already made an appointment with a friend. Both of us went to the same university but different batch. She’s living in Yogyakarta to pursue her master degree in UGM (Gajah Mada University). I’ve spent a day with Meike and visited four different cafes. We had several things to discuss. She such an open minded person, a feminist, so I am very pleasant to share anything with her. The story of Saturday night in Yogya is in here.

Day 4

I woke up early in the morning around 6, the room were still dark, people were still sleeping. It was my last day in Yogya and I will going back to Jakarta, back to my routine. The train will be arrived at 8.22 pm at Lempuyangan station. I’ve asked the receptionist for late check out and she grant my demand unless there is no new guest book the room. So I stayed a bit longer and took the chance to recover my energy. This is what I like about Yogya, people are humble, everything is easy and cheap.

It was raining and I was starving. My brother picked me up a little bit late. That time we decided to have lunch at the famous Super Sambal because they serve menus with affordable price. After that, we strolling over the city and made some chitchat. My brother was quiet but I know he was listening to me. The weather was good, slightly cloudy. After Magrib, we returned back to the lodging to take all my belongings then go straight to the station. My brother accompanied me until the train came at 8.10 pm which was 10 minutes earlier. Farewell Yogya, I’ll see you again.

Here I come, Jakarta.