Farewell, Chester Bennington

Checking news portal everytime I wake up in the morning become one of my routine before starting the day and I do it for every single day. It was on last Friday, I checked the Twitter timeline to update what’s going on. The Linkin Park’s frontman, Chester Bennington, was becoming number one world hastag that day. Then I opened all of the news that linked to the article about him. I was shocked. Mr. Bennington has passed away. He was tragically found dead by hanged himself from a bedroom door at his own home. I’m devastated. 😥

According to the news, Mr. Bennington revealed his complex battle with depression in his final interview before he committed suicide. They informed that when he was a kid, he had been molested by an older male friend, being sexually abused as a seven years old, then his parents divorced when he was eleven, he also had history of drugs and alcohol abuse. Such a desolate childhood. I couldn’t imagine how he had survived during that situation.

I am a big fan of the band since I was in junior high school. I grew up with their songs. I love their music and lyrics they have created, and its genuinely awesome. They’re such a genius band that you can barely find in the recent showbiz world.

I have been mourning that day and my heart broke into million pieces, literally. I may not know him personally, but he lives in my heart and mind since then. Now I realized that all of the songs they’ve created are about depression that might happened to his/their life. I love you, Chester. We all do! You helped us to go through the hardest part of our life when we couldn’t brave enough to speak up as a teenager. You such an inspiration person.

My heart goes out to his family, friends, and Mike Shinoda/Brad Delson/Joe Hahn/Dave Farrel/Rob Bourdon. May your soul rest in peace, Sir.


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