Saturday night in Yogyakarta

Saturday night in Yogyakarta for xx times–I barely remember exactly how many times I’ve spent my Saturday night in Yogya, but I guess it’s 3-4 times.

As I’ve been written on my previous post slightly about Yogyakarta–or you can simply click this link, I met a friend. Meike, that’s the way she used to be called. I have no idea, I don’t mind to spend all night to have a long conversation. I’ve learned many things from her point of view. She knows thing comprehensively. She such a smart girl.

First meeting point was in Benteng Vredeburg which located next to Malioboro street. My brother took me to the place by motorcycle. The sun was shinning very bright that day, or it’s just typical Yogya’s weather, I’m not sure, I forgot. We arrived around 1 PM. While waiting for Meike, we took some pictures of ourselves–oh I miss to spend my time with this no-longer little dude, like so much! Apparently there is a vintage cafe inside the museum. The cafe itself names Indishe Cafe. I have always excited when it comes to vintage because it’s authentic, artistic and classy. Let me show you a few snapshot I’ve taken by my cell phone.

By the time I entered the cafe, I fall in love with the ambience whose the owner has created, the vintage furnitures that the owner put on the right place make every corner look completely like the time before the independence day, I guess. I chose the table next to a big window, near to some frames with old pictures that stick to the wall.

I’ve ordered Java fried rice and lemon tea and Meike ordered the same thing. Meike and I started exploring the cafe while waiting for the menus and go back to our table when the food is served. We talk about when she was in Berlin. I was excited to hear about her story. She went to Berlin for academic stuff. She managed to meet a lot of people and experienced a few strange things. Honestly, I envy her. She met some random p*nk dudes when she waiting for the train with her friend, she said they were shouting at them out loud but they didn’t understand what they have shouted about. They were frightened. However she is lucky. I mean, she went to Germany, a country that I’ve always dreamt of and all I hope is her dreams will be come true in the future.

Actually, we didn’t have any plans where we will be headed after we finished our meals. Meike suggested to go to a famous knitted bag shop names Dowa which located near to the famous Tugu. But before that, we stop by to the famous shopping centre names Mirota Batik.

Mirota Batik has become the most visited place by tourists either domestic visitors or international visitors to find Javanese typical souvenirs for our loved ones. The shopping centre sells various things with affordable price e.g. clothes–from casual to formal, accessories (unisex), statues, traditional games, bags with various material, footwears, aroma therapies, paintings, cutleries, stationaries, and so on. I have found some postcards for myself as usual, but unfortunately I’m not going to send any of these to whom who ask for it because these ones are hard to find–photos to be continued.

After Mirota Batik, we headed to Honje restaurant which have the same location with Dowa shopping bag. Meike offers me two options to reach the place, by walking through the street or using local transportation e.g. Becak or Delman. I chose walking because I wanted to enjoy the atmosphere along Malioboro street while having some chit-chat and reminiscing a special moment few years back then? *wink*

We finally managed to reach Dowa safe and sound by walking approximately for 45 minutes. We were just checking the stuff around and buy nothing. Then we continued to go upstairs which Honje restaurant is located. This cafe has modern style, not so many furnitures but the colorful tiles have completely attracted me. We have chosen the table next to a big window, so the wind blows up inside through it. There were few things happened at the moment; I saw a group of girls were taking pictures with some different angles, a couple took some we-selfies, then about a few minutes later there were a few old whites came and sat on the reserved table–I guess it was semi-formal occasion, and I saw two locals following them.

It was raining cats and dogs. While our chit-chat got excited, a familiar famous female blogger came with her colleagues, I guess, and they sat right next to us. I whispered to Meike that the familiar lady is Trinity. She’s the author of “The Naked Traveler”. Meike barely recognized her and apparently she was slightly surprised when she saw Trinity with her new-modern-like most of Jakartans female style. Indeed, she looks different, more stylish than before I met her back in 2010, but we didn’t take picture with her because I already had one.

After the rain stop, we continued our cafe-tour at Prawirotaman street. We reached the place by using a non-fare cab and took around 15 minutes. Meike considers that this place is similar to Legian street in Bali because there are some stores and homestays spread in two sides of the road. Unfortunately, I didn’t take pictures while we were there, but I will put some photos I’ve gotten from the internet.


We were walking along the road, stopping by from a store to another, but we found nothing, hehehe–typicall girls who get satisfied only by window shopping. I’ve found some stores that sell things with affordable price than stores in Bali. The next stop is a western cafe names Aglioo. The cafe using dim lights, so it was impossible to take some snapshots of the place.

This is how Aglioo cafe looks like.


Meike wants to show me some famous places which were filmed by AADC2 the movie crews–I haven’t watched it anyway, but it was impossible due to the number of people visiting that cafe, so we passed it and continued to the Greenhost. Greenhost is a hotel which its hall were managed by AADC2 the movie crews as a painting exhibition hall where Rangga and Cinta meet again for the first time after ten years. So, Meike and I only took some wefie as the farewell while I was waiting for my brother to pick me up and go back to the lodging.

That was my Saturday night story when I was in Yogyakarta. It was endearly fun. I hope someday, I will coming back to this memorable city again and make different memories with different/the same person.

Experiencing Bunk Bed Hotel for the first time

Hi there,

Today’s post will telling you (in case there is anyone read this blog) about my experience when I stayed at Bunk Bed Hotel for a couple of days when I was in Yogyakarta, Central Java.

So, after I bought one way train ticket to Yogyakarta, I asked my friend, Ade, straight through Whatsapp about the name of the hotel she stayed in when she was there. I was browsing it a bit to get the information about the lodging. Then after I read all of the information, I made a phone call to the hotel to make a reservation.

The reason why I chose for myself to stay with female stranger at the same room. It is because I have always curious to try such new thing, beside the price is affordable–its only IDR 95k for one night include breakfast, FYI.

The hotel I have booked designed for backpakers who need a place to have some rest after exploring the city and to put their belongings while they are away. So do not expect that this hotel has a sea or forest view from the bedroom. The hotel itself consist:
  • 1 living room, include: 1 tv, 1 fan, 2 benches and 1 coffee table
  • 1 reading area placed right beside the receptionist
  • 1 outside bathroom
  • 2 outside toilets
  • 4 bedrooms (for female and male). Each room has 4 bunk beds with reading lamp, 1 locker for each guest, 1 bathroom—but do not expect they provide hot water, and an AC. If the room are full of guests, then you will stay with 7 different people that come from different country. Isn’t it sounds cool?
  • 1 long table and 1 bench right beside the living room. They will put the fruits, breads and some butters for breakfast
  • 1 empty room with no door next to the kitchen for people who want to have some chit-chat on the phone
  • 1 kitchen—the concept of this hotel is self-service, so you can have extra coffee, tea and water in here for free
  • 1 toaster
  • 1 small refrigerator and,
  • free wifi access.

I arrived at hotel around 8 PM that night to chcek-in and put my travel bag. The receptionist gave me three keys; 1 front door key, in case I return back to the lodging late; 1 bedroom door, in case the other guest already locked the door before I com; 1 locker key to put all my belongings. When I was in the room, a girl approached me and says, “waw, its beautiful..”. I was guessing that she gave me compliment about my appearance, hehe, but then I turned my head to her and realized that the beautiful thing she meant was the flower printed cardigan I worn that night. But I thanked her anyway, just trying to be nice with foreign people.

After buying a train ticket back to Jakarta, my brother and I didn’t go back straight to the lodging, but we went to Malioboro street to find Wedang Ronde that I was craving for. Wedang Ronde–Ronde abbriviated of ’round’, is a traditional beverage of Java native herbs. Wedang in Javanese means drink, while Ronde is a special batter consisting of a mixture of rice flour and brown sugar shaped dots and the inside contains crushed peanuts. To form Wedang Ronde, dipped in ronde doughs with warm water that made from ginger.

After that, my brother brought me back to the lodging, it took only approximately 15 minutes from Malioboro street. By the time I arrived at the lodging, I was sitting at the living room for awhile to check my phone and informed my Mum. The receptionist has already left and all guests were sleeping.

On the first day, I’ve got upside-bed and I made a noise by accident when I climbed the stairs of the bed. But I thanked God that nobody disturbed by the noise I’ve made. I couldn’t sleep straight at the moment, then I continued checking my social media until I manage to fall asleep. I think it was around 3 AM, a girl woke up to go to the toilet, then another girl woke up at the same time, they made some noices by accident and awaken the other girl. She was disturbed by the noise. She said, “Hey! Its still 3 AM in the morning, bla blaa bla!!!”. I was about to laugh but I couldn’t open my eyes. I mean, this is an example if we stay in a bunk bed hotel.

The next day, I woke up early in the morning. Then after washing my face and brushing my teeth, I went to have breakfast straight while reading news to keep in touch with current affairs. I made a cup of warm tea, I had breads too and two slices of watermelon. I saw a few guests in m bedroom was already checked out, and only two girls left, a white girl from Poland and I. I asked the receptionist to swap my bed to the bottom side.

After I took a shower, I lied down myself while waiting for my brother to pick me up, then the Poland girl greets me and asks my name. We had some chit-chat, introducing ourselves, sharing our destination why we came to Yogya and the plan after Yogya, etc. Her next destination was Bali. I was promoting some beaches from my hometown, but he’s just nodding. I think she has no idea about my hometown. Haha!

That’s the story about my experience when I stayed at the bunk bed hotel for couple of days. There are some pictures below that I tool from the internet of how the Bunk Bed and Breakfast hotel in Yogyakarta looks like from the outside. But, don’t expect too high. 😀

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Joanna with her stuff.

Short escape to Yogyakarta

Last month, Mum has informed me that she and my Dad could not manage to attend my brother’s graduation day in Yogyakarta because they cannot leave my grandma who needs to be taken care of, then she asks me to go. I agreed. It has been a long time since the last time I visited Yogyakarta in 2009. The graduation day carried out on 25th August 2016. I have bought the train ticket two weeks earlier before departure, because the price is cheaper than we buy it on the spot. Unfortunately the economy class were sold out, so I bought Taksaka Malam for IDR 290k for executive class. Purchasing ticket way too simple nowadays. When you need a ticket to go somewhere, you can order it online or contacting the travel agent by the phone. I made a call to PT KAI (Kereta Api Indonesia) to order one way ticket. To order ticket, the customer service need our personal identity as the requirement to process the ticket. After that, they will give you the booking code and limited time to pay. Just as simple as it is.

I’d prefer to use train rather than plane because simply I hate flying. Hahaha..

Up: Gambir (Jakarta) to Tugu station (Yogyakarta) | Down: Lempuyangan (Yogyakarta) to Pasar Senen (Jakarta)

Day 1

By the time I arrived early in the morning–it was around 4.20 am, my brother picked me up at Tugu station. I did not take some pictures of it because we were in a hurry and he needed to get ready and preparing stuff before the graduation ceremony begun. He dropped me off at my friend’s home, Kiki. Kiki is one of my best friend since we were in high school. She is married to a Javanese guy and has a three weeks old son names Russel. She named his son as it based on a little lad names Russel in UP the movie. She wish that her son will be like Russel in the future. A strong and healthy little guy.

Hasna–my brother’s girlfriend picked me up at 7 am sharp. It was not only my brother who will graduated that day, but also my cousin who finished his study for D4–the same accomplishment as bachelor degrees, and his parents were coming too. The opening ceremony began at 8.30 am sharp. It took two hours and more for ceremonial of the cadets, the opening speech, the pledge of the cadets and speech of the Agrarian Minister that made all of us almost fell asleep. My brother got surprised when he saw Hasna were coming too. After we took some pictures, we went to get some food for lunch.

Day 2

The next day which I have to check-in at the hotel I have booked, my brother couldn’t manage to pick me up due to there was an event he had to handle, so I have spent the whole day at Kiki’s home. Kiki and I were talking about many things and reminiscing about the moment we have spent together when we were in high school–while she carries her baby to feed him all the time. There are a lot of things you have to do when you become a Mother e.g. feeding the baby, change the baby’s diaper, to bathe the baby and another baby stuff that make you got lack of sleep at night which will makes you look like a zombie in the following day. I’m amazed that she is a mother now.

Three weeks old baby Russel

My brother managed to pick me up in the evening, and I had to thankful and farewell to Kiki and her family. My brother brought me to attend a semi formal farewell dinner which managed by the cadets themselves. The even itself was intended to receive their families that came from their hometwon. My brother took a part as the leader of this event and he nailed it. After that, he accompaied me to looking for the train ticket at the station, so I could strolling over the city without any worries on the next day.

Day 3

Before I came to Yogyakarta, I have already made an appointment with a friend. Both of us went to the same university but different batch. She’s living in Yogyakarta to pursue her master degree in UGM (Gajah Mada University). I’ve spent a day with Meike and visited four different cafes. We had several things to discuss. She such an open minded person, a feminist, so I am very pleasant to share anything with her. The story of Saturday night in Yogya is in here.

Day 4

I woke up early in the morning around 6, the room were still dark, people were still sleeping. It was my last day in Yogya and I will going back to Jakarta, back to my routine. The train will be arrived at 8.22 pm at Lempuyangan station. I’ve asked the receptionist for late check out and she grant my demand unless there is no new guest book the room. So I stayed a bit longer and took the chance to recover my energy. This is what I like about Yogya, people are humble, everything is easy and cheap.

It was raining and I was starving. My brother picked me up a little bit late. That time we decided to have lunch at the famous Super Sambal because they serve menus with affordable price. After that, we strolling over the city and made some chitchat. My brother was quiet but I know he was listening to me. The weather was good, slightly cloudy. After Magrib, we returned back to the lodging to take all my belongings then go straight to the station. My brother accompanied me until the train came at 8.10 pm which was 10 minutes earlier. Farewell Yogya, I’ll see you again.

Here I come, Jakarta.

Pissed off

Last night when I was about to sleep, I received a message from a colleague–a married guy with one kid, FYI. He asks about have I started to work or not yet? Less than a minute another new message popped up on my mobile screen. It was him again. He asks about did I bring some local snacks from my hometown or not? Because he meant to stop by to my flat to get it himself. I said, I didn’t have any chances to buy it. Two minutes later, another message popped up, and it was him again. He offers me to go somewhere around Jakarta with him and he wants to know where I stay.

I am pissed off. I didn’t expect that he asked me such things. I guess it is not an appropriate for a married guy. I get offended, I can hardly bear it and I was almost lose my temper but manage to calm myself down. I told him that the place where I stay is not allowing male guest to come visit. I hope it is a right way to give him a warning. I know, although I cannot judge him whether he is trying to be nice to people or whatever it is you name it, but still it is not an appropriate thing of a married guy.

For me, it will never be an easy thing when it comes to faithfulness in a marriage. Turns out life after marriage is way more complicated than I have imagined–it might be sound too much because I haven’t experienced it yet, but I guess there are a few habit that we used to do but we have to change it before we are getting married, I assumes. For example, making a good relationship to everyone. All of married couple are possible to make friends with whoever they want, either females or males–because it is human rights to socialize. But in this case it’s totally different. I mean the connection between wife and husband is a fragile thing. We have to sorting out which people we enjoy being friend with and people who will/want to understand our marriage life.

These past months I’ve got a few kind of this thing. I got bothered by a few married guy at my office. It makes me uncomfortable. I know they are well educated, but do they know how to treat women?

Two things I like about The Conjuring 2

So, the last movie I have watched at the theater was The Conjuring 2. There were less than twenty people who watch this movie, maybe I came to the cinema during weekdays which most of people prefer to return back straight to their home or they just don’t fancy horror movie. I was a bit curious about this movie before a friend asks me to join him. It is not about how the ghosts will be look like, but because I am interested on how the story has happened back then–they fooled us by telling that the movie based on true story. *sigh*

Horror movie never got me scared at all except how the way Suzanna staring at some people or objects on the movie, hahaha… The sound effect of the horror movie sometimes freaks me out–but only if I watch it at the cinema. Maybe even it appears right in front of my face, I will say, “You don’t scare me enough, bugger off!”. LOL
Anyway, there are two things I like about this movie:
1). The story itself has happened in Enfield, England, I have always loved anything related to Europe. What I really like about England is the culture, their accent, the tradition, the landmark, the movies, the actors (oh, Tom Hiddleston!), etc.
2). The second is about the soundtrack. It will always about it and because the story of the movies has happened in the latest 70’s so the songs are adjusting as the soundtrack of the movie. I have also seen there are many poster of Elvis Presley stick on the wall of the girls bedroom, I think it was a glorious time of him. I do love Elvis.
Honestly, I don’t fancy horror movie that much, but thriller. I confess that I am just curious about what the director is trying to show us about something thrilling such as ghosts, the story, the place where the story happened, the sound effects, the cinematography that possibly scares the audience.
There is one thing that entertain people after the movie released–even the people who have not watched the movie yet doing the same thing too. So, a week ahead, a ghost called Valak is surprisingly become one of a famous ghost until now. Some of Indonesian creatives successfully make a lot of meme about her/him? I am not sure. If you curious about her/him, you can check this link out here, here, and here. I hope you guys will enjoy her memes.

The Big Bad Wolf book sale 2016


Last week, Indonesia has two public holidays. It was on Thursday and Friday. So, that was a long weekend for us. A week before, I have tried to browse hostelry in Yogyakarta on the internet. A friend–whom I should have met in Yogyakarta few months ago informs me an affordable price of lodging. Then I started browsing the official website afterwards–in case there is any cancellation booked. While I am waiting for their information, I was looking for the train tickets. And once again, the tickets are sold out. 😦

I’m sad and wondering where should I spend my precious long weekend that rarely happens each year. On the same day, a colleague approaches to my desk, we had a little chit-chat and she asks me about my plan for long weekend. I told her about the hotel and train tickets, then she suggests me to go to a book fair that started on 30th April and will be ended on 8th May. The book fair will be opened for 24 hours. This information were amusing me. Many thanks to Mbak Devy.

Picture taken by myself.

On Saturday, I decided to go to The Big Bad Wolf book fair in ICE Serpong, South Tangerang. It is the great book sale in the world with 75%-80% discount! So tempting! When I was there, the building was full of books fetish, they look very excited. I also saw many foreigners came to grab the books, because who will waste this event? Mostly the books are written in English with price start from IDR 20k which impossible to find it in bookstore with such price.

That day, I went to ICE by train and online Ojek. I am surprised that the building were nearly full of people. In Jakarta, you will see a big numbers of book hunters than other cities. I have noticed that people were excited to pick the books they want to buy.

I have got nine books for only 455k.


European on Screen (EOS) 2016


Its been awhile, I have passed March and April with nothing left in here. I don’t have anything to post whilst I have spent my days by watching movies I have not watched, try to finish a book I am reading, experiences a few things in leisure. Now here I am, struggling to continue write something about what happens in my life lately.

In the end of April, Europe on Screen (EOS) started showcase the best selection of European films. This festival was held from 29 April – 8 May 2016 at 12 locations in six Indonesia major cities–Jakarta, Bandung, Bali, Medan, Surabaya and Yogyakarta.

Pic from here

I have attended the first day at Erasmus Huis Auditorium in Netherlands embassy. That was my first time joined the festival with a friend and another movie enthusiast in Jakarta. Some of them came alone, some with their sister/borther, some with friends and some with their spouse. When I was in Makassar, I usually attended the festival mostly with my some friends who also has the same enthusiastic of film as I am. Apparently, they did not hold the festival in Makassar this year.

I have also checked some of the synopsis and watch the trailers to get some illustration of the genre. I have list of films in my mind which ones I really want to see, but when I check the schedule, there are some films that will be played during weekdays which I couldn’t possibly attend. The first film I watch was “Two Days, One Night”. A film from Belgium directed by Jean-Pierre Dardenne and Luc Dardenne. On the same day, I watch three films in a row. The second film was “Human Capitol”, then the last was “Long Live Freedom”. The next day, I did not come back due tue several things should be done on time.

The last film I watch was “A Royal Night Out”. A drama comedy film from UK. The film tells about London society celebrate the official end of World War II in Europe where the future Queen of England, Elizabeth, and her sister, Margaret were 19 and 14 years old. They both are are allowed out (but incognito) to join the celebration. The film was pretty much entertaining to me, I could not stop laughing during the film due to the characterestic of Margaret.

Picture taken by my friend.



The difference

Why there’s a rule forbid a person to get married with a person with different faith?

I don’t blame the rules that have been written on the holy bibles. I’ve been thinking about this for past few months. Firstly, I have to confess that I was afraid being friend with a Jewish. What I know and what I’ve been taught is they want to control the world. But so far, the rumors about it is perhaps not true. Not really sure though.

Let’s straight to the point. It’s obviously has written in Koran about marriage regulation and I’ve read about disallowance for a woman marry to a non-muslim man. But why it allows a man marrying a non-muslim woman? Don’t you think that’s not fair at all? No offense, for me this such a non sense. But I am pretty sure that I am not the only one who have thought like this.

One day, I ask my Mum, how if I marry to a non-muslim guy in the future? It was shocked her at first, she was about to cry and persuaded me to keep on the track. But still, how if God chooses a non-muslim guy to be my partner in life?

Actually, the reason I talk about this is not because of I want to be married with a non-muslim guy–but who knows? For the God sake, it’s just a random question that I still cannot find the answer yet which could possibly convince me more. I still have no idea, why I keep questioning about this? Sometimes I wonder, how if I meet a non-muslim guy in the future and we connect to each other. How if we both have similarity? How if he also has the same vision of the future as me? I will never know where God will lead me to. I guess, keep praying to God is the best way?

Another question appears in my mind afterwards, “Do I have to feel guilty for the rest of my life if I marry a non-muslim guy? Would it be easy?”

I have asked some friends about this and say, “Why don’t you live life simply normal just like the others and keep following the rules that have been written on the bible?”. Don’t you think it sounds boring to live life like a normal? I mean, you only live once. We have a big amount of opportunities to try something we haven’t tried. I, personally, try as hard as possible to not being a two-faced kind of person. As I know, there are a lot of people I know for years turn out to be such as doucheba9. I promise to myself to only follow my heart about what is right/wrong like I used to, choose the life options based on what I believe.

Surprisingly the other half said, “The choice is in your hands, darling. Do what makes you happy, because we only live once!”. Actually, I hardly want my closest people say the same way too and encourage me about what I will choose for my life.

Nonetheless, it shocked me a bit, why having that kind of question cannot be a normal thing for certain people? We definitely have different perspective to see things around us, accepting things that we think it makes sense. Yes, it’s definitely hard. And we basically grew up in various background. I thought we, as human being, have to respect to each other about people’s life decision, which is called human rights.
Last but not least, I hope, when I decided to be something (lol, to be a Wonder Woman) or to own something in the future will not makes my closest people stay away from me and I wish they will always be there to support me anytime I need them to, no matter what happen. Okay, that’s my random questions with explanations that maybe make you think what happened to myself?

Well, its already 1 am, no wonder why I keep yawning during writing this post. I guess I’ll see you tomorrow or the day after tomorrow with different topic. Talk later, blog.


Attending Chinese wedding

Disclaimer: This post will be far from racism, so I beg you an apologize to mention one of race in this post as an attempt to point out how beautiful it is to be surrounded by the diversity.

Singkawang – West Kalimantan is an island that has various races of population such as; Melayu, Dayak, Madura and Tionghoa. One day, a high school class mate invites me and my friends to her wedding reception. Her (official) husband were also went to the same high school with us but he was in different class with me. Both of them are Tionghoa. This is my very first time attending a Chinese wedding ceremonial and I found some things that make it different with Indonesian typical wedding.

First, is about choosing the right color of envelope. A friend told me, if we want to give them money, we have to use red color. Because red symbolized as blissfulness and luck whereas white one symbolized as misery like death ceremonial. Interesting though. Second, while in the middle of the party, the official couple came to approach their family and friends at the hall to make some pictures. But in local wedding, the couple will approach and gather with their friends after the party ended. Third, is about the songs. In Chinese wedding, the band will playing most of western and Chinese songs. But I think it depends on the taste of the couple. I have been attending some of Indonesian weddings of my friends and my parents’ friends’ children that mostly choosen Indonesian songs and Dangdut to entertain all guests. FYI, Dangdut is one of Indonesian famous genre. As we (Indonesian) know that Dangdut is a-must thing to be played in wedding reception and mostly requested by old people. Usually, the parents have to contribute to sing along with the band to celebrate the happy moment and to entertain the guests. Fourth, guests’ dress. I have noticed that all of my Tionghoa friends are wearing office cloth. I think they’re just want to wear what make them comfortable and simple.

The rest is just the same. Unfortunately, my friends and I have missed an important scene where the couple kissing to each other as a sign that they both are official as husband and wife. But in Islam, the groom only allows to kiss the bride’s forehead in front of the guests, because kissing to each other’s lips in front of the guests is a kind of taboo.

I have taken some pics of my friends in high school. Left to right: Septi, me, Cathy, Dorkas Lie, (no idea), Megawati, Bun Jovita, Tokhifui, Martina Bongso, (no idea), Listiyeni, Bong Maylin, Bong Miki, Lidya Chandra

I think it has been more than ten years I have not met these beautiful Amoy (a typical nickname for Tionghoa girls) since I moved. I was very excited because I also catched up with some of my former classmates. A few of them are married and having kids, some are still single just like me. Oh! I remember something. I have noticed something that will take it as a new lesson, that my Chinese friends (especially girls) didn’t apply too much make-up on their face and I realized that some of them didn’t even apply lipstick on their lips. As simple as it is.

Anyway, sometimes I am wondering how cool to live from a city to another city, because I’m not only get a new experience but also new friends from different races. I am so grateful.

Smile I adore

Yesterday, I went to Plaza Semanggi (Plangi) straight after office hour to looking for girl’s stuff with a friend by Busway. Before we reached the building, we walked across the crossing bridge for pedestrian, then I met a little boy who sell a bunch of handmade key chain. One thing I noticed when I am staring at him is his smile. He kept smiling sincerely to the people who walk passed him while offering the key chains to them. Unfortunatelly, not so many people noticed him, maybe he is just too short to be noticed.

Everytime I went to the Plangi, I have always wished that he will be there and buying at least one of the stuff he sells. It was literally surprised me that he was there and I approached him quickly. I bought a green Kero Keropi’s head key chain that made by flannel fabric. I could not hold myself to pop him some questions–like where he stay, his age, whose accompany him to come to this place, his hobbies, and so on.

He answers my curiosity with his typical beautiful smile on his face that I adore. He says that he started ‘working’ at 3 pm and returned back to home which locaterd in Bekasi at 9 pm. Wow, I am surprised, Bekasi is not close from Jakarta. How he can managed to do that? Unbelievable. I am wondering, how tough his life is while most of boys of his age are still enthusiast with playing around with their friends, toys, etc. This little guy has completely stolen my heart.

Down below are our my quick chit-chat:

Me:Hello, what are you selling?”

Fabian: “It’s key chains. One fro 25k, but if you purchase two, you can pay it only for 40k because of Christmas sale.”

He amaze me how the way he explains the price and discount. Then we continued talking. I’ve got the information that he came to that place with his father who also working near to the bridge. He didn’t mention what kind of job his father has. He such a brave little guy. I couldn’t compare this little one to most of boys who has the same age as him, this one is different.

I personally envy of the spirit he has to struggle and face the life. Nothing comes easy, I must say. Dear little Fabian, you are an amazing little boy I’ve ever met.

Ps: I forgot to take a selfie with him, but I will make it next time when I meet him again.